How to Set Up Basic Routing in Angular 2

Watch the complete Angular Routing course: https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/angular-2-routing?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=code

One thing that’s changed a lot with Angular 2 is the router, which was completely replaced in the lead-up to the final release. In this video from the course on Angular 2 Routing you’ll learn how to create route configurations and how to use them in an app. You’ll learn about simple routes, redirecting, and wildcard routes. Then you’ll see how to use a directive to configure your app component to display the routes.

This video contains two lessons from the full course: 3.1 Create the Routes and 3.2 Host the Routes. You can find the source files for the whole project on GitHub: https://github.com/tutsplus/angular-2-routing

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