From Type Beats to Billboard Hits – Like & Describe Podcast #4

This episode, MatPat sits down with hip hop experts Tuma Basa and Curtiss King to dive into the ways that type beats have changed the hip hop industry, how art gets produced, and hot takes on AI in music.

Tuma Basa is the Director of Black Music & Culture at YouTube. He’s been working in the hip hop space for 25 years, and is responsible for a little playlist you might’ve heard of…RapCaviar.

Curtiss King is a California-based producer and rapper who’s worked with artists from Kendrick Lamar to Mack 10. Visit his channel @CurtissKingTV for the latest industry commentary and insights.

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In celebration of hip hop’s 50th anniversary, YouTube is rolling 50 Deep. Check out the 50 Deep flagship playlist at: yt.be/yt50deep

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