YouTube Creators for Change: Abdel En Vrai

Abdel discovered his passion for making people laugh through stand-up comedy. He started his YouTube channel, Abdel en Vrai, 3 years ago and uses it to share content about peace, love and tolerance. Humor helps get the message across with more impact. Abdel has always been an activist for equality and social justice, which led […]

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Kracie – popin’ cookin’ #17 – Crepe Shop

Product name: popin’ cookin’ Crepe Shop Brand: Kracie (Made in Japan) (1) It is edible. 114 calories. No artificial colours. No preservatives. (2) It cost 246 yen. (3) I ate it after making. It tastes like real crepe. It was not that bad. (4) It contains egg, milk, soy. (Allergic substance) (5) It has no […]

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YouTube Creators for Change: Barış Özcan

Istanbul-based storyteller Baris produces and broadcasts YouTube videos about art, design, technology and literature. Every week, Baris tries to tell simple stories around complex technological concepts and social issues. Baris is an award-winning art director at Abak.us – the creative agency he founded – and a prominent public speaker at events like TEDx in Turkey. […]

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YouTube: What will you watch next?

YouTube has an updated look and new features. With a simplified design that lets content shine and new ways to watch like dark theme and adjustable speed playback on mobile, the redesigned experience now looks cleaner and more consistent across both desktop and mobile devices.

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Squishy #9 – Warabimochi, Dango (comparison to real ones)

Vending machine-dispensed capsule toys. It costs 200 yen every time. 0:08 Product name: ミニミニわらびもち マスコットBC (Mini Mini Warabimochi Mascot BC) all 5 types Brand: J.DREAM For ages 16 and up ★Warabimochi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warabimochi 1:02 Product name: パック入り 串つき団子 BC (Kushitsuki Dango with Pack Ball chain) all 5 types Brand: J.DREAM For ages 7 and up

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