Introduction to JavaScript Variables

In this short video tutorial from the JavaScript Fundamentals course, we look at one of the most fundamental units of JavaScript: the humble variable. We’ll see the different ways that a variable can be declared and then assigned a value, as well as some other general bits of information about variables that you should probably be […]

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YouTube TV: Cable-free live TV is here

Cable-free live TV is here. Try it free: https://tv.youtube.com YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that lets you watch live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and popular cable networks. Enjoy local and national live sports, and must-see shows the moment they air. Record all your favorites without DVR storage space limits, and stream […]

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YouTube Creators for Change: Natalie Tran

Since uploading her first video on YouTube in 2006, Natalie Tran’s YouTube channel has grown a global fanbase of over 1.8 million subscribers with over half a billion channel views. Tran’s videos are a collection of scripted comedy clips that contain a mixture of monologues and sketches focusing on the oddities of awkward everyday situations […]

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How to Vector Hand Lettering

In the course, Mastering Script Lettering, you learn how to create beautiful script lettering by hand. But what if you want to convert your hand lettering into vector format? In this video from the course, I show you exactly how to do that in Adobe Illustrator. Watch the complete course: https://design.tutsplus.com/courses/mastering-script-lettering?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=design

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Squishy #15 – Earless Seal Mochi, Panda Mochi

0:00 Product name: Yukimi Azarashi For ages 8 and up. 1:01 Product name: Punitto Panda Mochi (all 6 types) Vending machine-dispensed capsule toys for ages 15 and up. ★comparison to edible stuff 1:05 Panda Shaped Dango Kit 1:30 Meringue named Wataron https://youtu.be/mzTRAFPxqB4

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Capsule Toys #9 – Sandwich, Carbonated Drinks Mascot

0:12 Product name: mini mini chori pan mascot BC (all 5 types) Brand: J.DREAM Vending machine-dispensed capsule toys for ages 7 and up. It costs 300 yen every time. 1:02 Product name: syuwa syuwa drink mascot (all 6 types) Vending machine-dispensed capsule toys for ages 12 and up. It costs 200 yen every time.

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