YouTube Creators for Change: Cameo Project

Cameo Project is a YouTube channel based in Indonesia. They are known for their fun, lively videos in which they talk about social issues and sensitive topics in Indonesia in order to raise awareness among the Indonesian people. In addition to videos centered around politics and social issues, they make funny, relatable videos about life […]

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8 CSS Tricks You Never Use: Introduction

Even if you’ve been using CSS for a decade, there’s always something new to learn from other designers. In this course, we take a look at eight little-known techniques for CSS development. You’ll learn how to make text flow around shapes, how to style broken images, how to create numbered headings, and much more. Watch […]

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ぐでたまプリン Gudetama Purin

Product name: ぐでたまグデシャスプリン2 Brand: Heart (1) It cost 210 yen. (2) For Ages 8 and up. (3) It is edible. Gudetama purin tastes like creme caramel. The white stuff supposed to be the egg white, it tastes sweet-and-a little bit salty. Totally it tastes good. (4) It contains milk, gelatin. (Allergic substance) (5) It has […]

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