How to Customize a Logo Sting in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to customize a stunning logo sting template in Adobe After Effects! Don’t worry if you’ve never used After Effects before, this course is perfect for people who have little or no experience in After Effects. The customization of the logo effects and logo animation will be fairly simple, but there will be a lot of learning!

Check out the Projection Mapping logo sting template you’ll be customizing: https://elements.envato.com/projection-mapping-logo-reveal-pack-VCAFPTN?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=photography and browse the Logo Stings on Envato Elements: https://elements.envato.com/video-templates/logo-stings?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=photography

1. Introduction
0:00 1.1 Introduction
1:10 1.2 Project Files

2. Getting Started
4:04 2.1 After Effects Tour
14:05 2.2 Layers, Comps, and Precomps

3. Customize!
23:02 3.1 Logo Replacement
47:32 3.2 Color Tweaks
41:36 3.3 Adding Music

4. Wrapping Up
50:49 4.1 Exporting
58:55 4.2 Conclusion

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