What Every Photographer Should Know About Lenses

Have you ever tried to learn about lenses, only to be overwhelmed by choice and technical information? Whether you’re a first-time photographer or a seasoned professional, it can be a daunting task. If you’ve ever wondered how lenses work, what makes a good or bad lens, and how to pick the one that’s right for the kinds of photos you want to take, this is the course for you.

Dave Bode will take you on a comprehensive journey through the world of lenses, from common terms and acronyms through to field-of-view, lens coatings, the difference between full and non-full frame lenses, focus systems, and more. This course covers practical know-how including focal length, aperture, image stabilization and more, to help you choose the right lens for every situation.

1. Introduction
0:00 1. Introduction

2. How Do Lenses Work?
02:27 2.1 Focal Length and Field-of-View
11:29 2.2 Aperture
24:14 2.3 What Does A Bad Lens Look Like?

3. Special Lens Features
45:34 3.1 Stabilization, Coatings, and Focusing Motors

4. Choosing a Zoom Lens
55:08:20 4.1 Standard Zoom Lenses
1:08:01 4.2 Wide Angle Zoom Lenses
1:16:55 4.3 Medium Telephoto Zooms
1:23:20 4.4 Telephoto Lenses
1:32:49 4.5 Super Zoom Lenses

5. A Guide to Prime Lenses
1:39:15 5.1 The Good and Bad of Prime Lenses
1:44:08 5.2 Fish Eye Lenses

6. Getting Perspective Right in Your Photographs
2:06:11 6.1 The Right Lens For Portrait Photography
2:17:30 6.2 Compress For Composition
2:25:21 6.3 Guide to Macro Lenses

7. Conclusion
2:41:27 7.1 Conclusion

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