How to Quickly Make a Timeline in Keynote With Templates

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to build out excellent Keynote timelines. These timelines can help you link events together in sequential order to tell a story.

You need visuals and charts to help you tell the story of your presentation and drive a message to the audience. And it might be easier than you think to build timeline designs in Keynote, thanks to pre-built Keynote timeline templates that you can download and use rapidly.

There’s practically no limit to the situations that you can use a timeline for. Any time that you need to connect events together, consider using a timeline. Some scenarios where a timeline would be useful include: job application pitches, new project approvals, explaining the history of a topic, and forecasting the future.

One way to build a Keynote timeline is to manually draw out the timeline, combining lines and rectangles to show events in order. But, that takes too much time and is inflexible, and the result won’t be as good as the alternative. We’ll show you how to build out a timeline using Keynote templates. With a pre-designed Keynote timeline template, you can add the details of your own timeline in less time than it takes to create one from scratch.

You’ll learn how to quickly update pre-existing timeline slides with your own details. Using a Keynote timeline template is easy once you know how. To learn even more about using a Keynote timeline, review the tutorial: http://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make-timelines-in-keynote–cms-31423

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