Create a “PowerPoint” Like Presentation Using Pure CSS3

CSS3 is for more than just websites. In this project from a CSS3 course, you’ll learn how to create a presentation worthy of accompanying any speech.

We’ll be using CodePen to build this project, so you can start by having a look at the base pen, and then see the final result here: https://codepen.io/tutsplus/pen/oXYjYO

Watch the complete course, 10 CSS3 Projects: Branding and Presentation: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/courses/10-css3-projects-branding-and-presentation?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=webdesign

In this course you’ll be using CSS3 to complete ten branding and presentation projects, from a personal business card to a PowerPoint-style presentation. These projects will help you understand some of the newest design techniques that CSS3 brings to the table. We’ll be using CodePen to build each one.

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